Assembler du Dehors articulates multidisciplinary practices of creation, research-creation and creative pedagogy on an in situ approach. These make space and territory their terrain, their resource, their work and their place of display.

Created in 2022 by Carolina E. Santo artist, Christelle Nicolas, art historian, and Anne Volvey, art geographer, Assembler du Dehors is divided into three areas:

  • Theaters from outside,
  • Research from outside, 
  • Schools from outside, and their attachment/deputy a support activity.

Assembler du Dehors contributes to the development of artistic, scientific or educational projects that are initiated within it. It also offers its expertise/know-how/experience to other actors (public, private, associations), mainly in the field of the arts, performing arts, research-creation and in situ pedagogy, in France and abroad.